Updated: Jan 17, 2021

"You put high heels on and you change."

-- Manolo Blahnik

DIOR J'ADOIR Slingback-Pumps Nude Beige

Ladies, couldn't you agree more with Manolo Blahnik's statement ?

I really do !

To me high heels have always been the most exiting way to transform and feel confident in my own skin. It's the tip of the i - whether you go out for dinner, have a business meeting, shop through the city. It makes you have another expression to the world. And that is not over-exaggerated ! ;)

It may have started with wearing extraordinary special shoes in my very early ages as Ballet dance. Also pointe shoes are giving you a grace and elegance that is comparable to what High Heels magically do. Certainly the pointe shoes were a good training for walking on very high heels.

Must have been during my academic studies, that I fell in love with extraordinary shoes besides my pointe shoes. I were always looking for THE new pair of pumps. During my first years at work as an IT services sales professional, you could say I was known for my very special vice.

Whereas many of my friends and colleagues were interested in clothing and bags, for me it was all about SHOES SHOES SHOES.

Maybe its because my zodiac sign is Pieces and it is said that Pisces rules the feet, its their their connection to the earth. So I try to take that as a justification for my regular sins ;)

Whatever may have caused my obsession with these beautiful shoes, I love to express my character and mood each day. And whereas I have no preference for brands or labels

Jimmy Choo Pumps High Heels Snakeskin Schlangenleder Schlange Blau Pastellblau

(as long as they are extraordinary, they will get me !), I still remember my very first pair of Jimmy Choo pumps, I afforded myself.

Light blue, snakeskin leather, black heel with a special opening, pointed !

Just beautiful.

I fell in love with them immediately. And as I maintain and care about all of the shoes I buy, I still own and wear them after so many years.

Since then, many more shoes have been added to my beautiful and beloved collection. I will show many of them to you in my future posts and continuously share my passion with you. Maybe I transfer my passion to one or the other of you too.

“The stiletto is a feminine weapon that men just don't have.” -- Christian Louboutin

So if you haven't yet tried to wear high heels, or dared to invest a bid more in a special pair: Dare and do it ! You will for sure not regret it.

Remember, they are our weapon, as Christian Louboutin says. So let's get armed and be powerful.


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