Kick Off my 30 Days Peloton Bike Challenge

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Finally my Peloton Bike+ was delivered last Friday ! Ladies & Gents, I can tell you it was so exciting. I was and still am so excited :D

My Delivery expectations Overfulfilled

After a very good buying experience, this was the next well thought through and executed delivery. Very friendly men called me in the exact same time frame as agreed and confirmed at purchase, letting me know that they will arrive in 30 mins. They arrived, assembled the bike

Peloton Bike+
Peloton Bike+

(outside the apartment due to Covid-19) and later after the instructions carefully and quickly placed it at the exact place I wanted to have it. I really didn't do anything.

After assembly, while the one person adjusted the bike according to my size - height and distance of handle bar to saddle etc. -, the other already put together the cleats to the Peloton shoes. They connected the bike to power and helped me "install" my profile quickly (sign in, payment method for Subscription, weight & height). They were very patient with everything (I could have really asked everything) and guided me over some functions one more time such as the digital user manual with videos that show for instance how to click the shoes into the bike and how to get out again.

After delivery I received a phone message in which the two guys wrote how much fun they had delivering the bike for me, wished an excellent first ride "see you on the leaderboard". (The Peloton leaderboard contains all information on how you are performing against others who are taking / have taken the same class and against how you have performed in the past.)

Along with this, they sent me the support phone number, just in case I would need any further assistance throughout my Peloton Bike+ experience.

You could notice they really like their job and that they are excited for you to get the bike. It may sounds strange to you that I mention this, but little details as this one are so important to me to enjoy my experience and I expect them too, when I buy something expensive as this.

So this was already an absolute pleasure for me and made me more exited still, and made me look forward to my very first ride in my life even more :))

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For the sake of completeness, the Accessories Set that I ordered is the "Bike+ Works" set and includes:

Peloton Bike+ Accessories Set
Peloton Bike+ Accessories Set
  • Peloton shoes with cleats,

  • one set of weights (you can choose between 3 different weights, I have chosen the heaviest ones with 3 pounds / 1,4kg) I feel now that I were able to try them in action, that that this was the right choice for me. I recommend it to you, if you already have a bit of trained arms (I just trained with my own body weight before, and nothing else)

  • a Bike mat,

  • a reversible workout mat and

  • one set of resistance bands (includes light, medium and heavy)

All you need for the ultimate cardio + strength experience.

Also watch my videos for everything around the Peloton Bike+, what a course looks like (structure and features), the accessories set, my challenge and 1 Day Kick off on my YouTube channel Classics and the City by Sarah

My very first Peloton experience

After delivery, I wanted to try the bike immediately. Unfortunately, I still had some work / calls to do. But the wait was totally worth it. I dressed in my sport wardrobe, put on the Peloton shoes and jumped on the bike.

The "How to get your shoes into the bike" video of the virtual manual really help me, getting these da** shoes in ;) After some tries I finally made it and was able to start.

I would have loved to take a Live Training, BUT for the sake of my health (and 30 Days challenge... man that will be tough) I decided to go for a beginners ride (no Live Beginners rides). I did my first 30 min beginners ride with the Peloton Trainer Cliff Dwenger. During the ride, he explained how the posture should be, what the different metrics and parameters mean, what to pay attention to etc. So it really helped me as a beginner, who really never did any ride before, understand everything and find the right posture and groove. It was such a fun ride. Cliff is really good, he is motivating, had a great playlist and it made so much fun working out with him.

Peloton Pike + Kurse Courses
Peloton Bike+ Courses

But I tell you, I was sweaty all over. Seriously. This was already a tough and hard ride for me.

So if you are starting with Peloton and you first ride like me, I really recommend you start with the Beginners ride. Have the patience. Your body will be thankful.

After I finished the ride, Peloton recommended 4 other courses that I could take now to complement my training. This is really helpful and great ! So I did pick one of their recommendations: a 10 minutes Arm Training on the Bike. After that I decided to complement my training with a final 10 min "Peloton x Beyoncé" Meditation session.

This 1 hour passed so quickly, was tough but very enjoyable and I felt like I have completed a very comprehensive training for my entire body. #togetherwegofar

Also watch my videos for everything around the Peloton Bike+, what a course looks like (structure and features), the accessories set, my challenge and 1 Day Kick off on my YouTube channel Classics and the City by Sarah

My own set 30 Days Peloton Challenge

With the Peloton Bike+, I wanted to share my experience with you, as this is something so new to me. At the same time, I also wanted to challenge myself real hard and establish some habits that I would like to see in my own life in this very new year !

That's why I decided to set my own challenge as the following:

  1. Train everyday with the Peloton Bike+ Weekdays: minimum 30 mins Weekends: my usual 60 mins training The training can be anything from ride, pilates, strength workout, bootcamp, Cardio training, stretching, etc. or a mix of them. As I love to go for a run outside over the weekend and get fresh air, this is the only exception I grant to myself: replace Peloton for a run outside on weekends

  2. Establish a morning routine I love sleeping/ or lying in bed during week as long as it is possible which always leads to stress in the end, because I need to rush getting ready for my first call or meeting. I really dislike this habit of mine. Thus, I have all respect for this second part of my it will be a real challenge. I want to get up earlier to light a candle and start the day with some yoga or meditation or others (will try different things) of 10-30 minutes - flow into the day with fresh energy and positive mood. I want to really change my habit and ideally (if I like it ;) keep that after the 30 days challenge. This way I will deserve my loved every morning fresh brewed Cappuccino and Lindt 70% Chocolate ball even more ;)

  3. It's really not my main goal at all, but I would like to loose 3kg weight.

Below you find the schedule that I have put together for my challenge.

After each week completed I will post my resume blog post about what courses I have taken, how I feel, what I liked or may have disliked, my experiences and learning, any AHA moment, and if and how my body may have changed (weight, muscle and body fat).

So stay tuned ! Or even better: join me ! :)
Peloton Bike+ 30 Days Challange Schedule Trainingsplan Plan
Peloton Bike+ 30 Days Challenge Schedule


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