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Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Ladies and Gents, I have done it !

In some of my stories on Instagram I have talked about it already, but I still wanted to quickly write you here too. I have bought the Peloton Bike and officially entered the Peloton Community. Whoooohoooo!!! Let me tell you about my experience so far.

I still cannot believe that the bike will be delivered this coming Friday and I can start the Peloton experience.

I have considered buying the bike for a very very long time. Since beginning of Summer, I kept myself busy with the decision to buy or not to buy.

Peloton community

The thing is, my usual sport I continuously do since a 5-6 years now, is a mixture of gym courses (either on premises or on the Gym 2Go app) and running outdoors. I have never done any spinning classes ! But with the Gyms now being closed again, with the weather getting worse (I admit I am a "nice weather" runner ;) in terms of rain or even snow or fog, I wanted to get some exercise bike.

I asked myself: since I never did any spinning, wouldn't it be better to go for a treadmill ? Also Peloton will release a treadmill in Germany in 1H 2021. So I also considered waiting for that one.

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In the end I decided to go for the Peloton bike, because of the following considerations I heavily thought through:

  • I still want to go for runs outdoors whenever I can / whenever the weather is "okayish", because I love to breath the fresh air and especially out on the field on Saturday or Sunday mornings when no one is around and you see the beauty of nature, it's just magical. Especially in Summer I want to be running outside as much as I can. So I still want to do this (and not indoors).

  • If I want to run indoors once in a while, e.g. when I train and prepare for the half-marathon again (which will hopefully take place in Berlin in August now this year), it is useful to be able to run on a treadmill. When weather is really sh**ty. This is what I can do in the Gym once it hopefully opens back again during 1H of 2021.

  • I can do different courses like cross fit or Pilates still with the gym 2Go App or in the Gym (once it is open again, and if I want to end my fitness time out with taking a sauna).

  • I want complete / complement the things above with an exercise bike, that is in some ways different to what I want to do outdoors (running), and that is cycling.

Thus in the end, with comparing all arguments, I decided not to go for a treadmill or wait for the Peloton treadmill, but really put my bet on the bike to complement my current training - going for a hybrid sports training (Gym and Home/Outdoors).

This was a tough decision, as certainly the bikes are not very cheap at all... and I didn't want to make room for a big exercise bike and then risk to not even really using it - the bike getting dusty after a few weeks or months.

Peloton Bike Spinning Community Erfahrungsbericht

Now that I made this decision, it feels so good. I am so much looking forward to welcome the bike.

When I called my Peloton sales person, who showed the bike to me before in the Peloton Showroom when shops were still open, I felt very released. Everything went very smooth and delivery times were now again quite short (round about 4 weeks, also an important criteria to buy now... so to be able to make use of the bike now during Winter).

I was welcomed to the Peloton Community directly with first possible steps and fitness courses via E-Mail, but also received a personal lovely Christmas Card.

On Friday the bike will finally be delivered and I will take you with me on my journey through the first weeks with my Peloton. I will challenge myself, will share my progress with you and if I will be able to cope with my set challenge. So stay on here and tuned, and get excited together with me ! :DD

This is going to be classic !


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