Flowers are a girl's best friend...

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Ladies, do we need to get flowers as a present ?

I don't think so !

Is it nice to have Mr. Big present you flowers ? Yes, sure it is. But it is not needed, nor expected.

Since I can remember, I was always very determined to get the things I want - myself - and not wait for anybody to come up with the idea of doing something...

That is why I started with the habit of buying flowers for myself very early. And it is a beautiful habit, as I treasure myself with this treat regularly.

I love to go to Merz & Benzing or in the very lovely Two For Deco flower and interior shop in Stuttgart. These are my two favorite places to go for a stroll searching for fresh seasonal flowers at a Saturday. Buying flowers here promises long-lasting joy. And as I wrote in the header - to me - flowers raise the same inner joy that diamonds do. They are just much cheaper ;)

Flowers are a girl's best friend

And they are true eye candy !

Have you bought yourself flowers yet ? I would be interested to hear from you, if you did. And if not, why not ? Let me know in the comment section.

We all work so hard day in, day out. So it's just the best feeling spending money on beautiful things to treat yourself. I truly believe, that a woman can get the things she wants herself. Whether you are single or in a relationship. Thanks to the emancipation, you don't need to proof anything to nobody. You are completely independent. You can afford it.

So, ladies - whether single or with a man by your side - if you haven't yet dared to buy yourself beautiful flowers or bouquets, I ask you to please do it once. I am sure you will notice that this is the best feeling easiest thing you can do, to make yourself feel good, treasured and beautiful.


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