Christmas Holiday Season's Outfits

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Hooray !!!!

Soon there will be my favorite Holiday Season of the year. Whilst we all together will have to celebrate Christmas this year completely different compared to what we are used to, we need to make the best out of it !

Even in home office, I kept my habit of dressing up. I always started the day the same way as if I went to the office. I dressed up in a quite normal business look to feel comfortable doing my business meetings and calls. It helped me during these times and made me have the same confidence with me as if we had normal times.

Thus, I really want to campaign for dressing up for Christmas as if we would celebrate the most spectacular Christmas party. I invite you, ladies: DRESS UP for your "home celebration". This is the name of the game this festive season ! Because we deserve to feel beautiful, precious and just fabulous. No matter what happens these times, there are things that we cannot change, so let's get in our celebration bubble and forget the world outside for a moment.

To celebrate in adequate style, I have put together 4 different outfits for this Holiday season below. I have aligned the outfits to different Christmas decoration. Whereas I love black and classic color for festive dresses, this time I wanted to show more variety like light pink tones. And to me, that goes pretty well for Christmas too. What do you think ?

Have a look and get inspired. Let's dress up, because we are worth it !

1st Outfit

Dress @ Agent Provocateur

Bag @ Maison Valentino

Shoes @ Maison Valentino


2nd Outfit

Dress @ Maison Valentino

Bag @ Givenchy

Shoes @ Maison Valentino


3rd Outfit

Dress @ Givenchy

Bag @ Givenchy

Shoes @ Gianvito Rossi


4th Outfit

Dress @ Dorothee Schumacher

Bag @ Maison Valentino

Shoes @ Maison Valentino


Everything shown was purchased by myself.


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