Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Ladies, I wanted to share this Black in Black edition with you. I am blonde, and certainly (although I do have a lot of really colorful pieces and I love green, red, blue, pink etc.)

I LOVE BLACK too ! All in black, makes me feel much more seductive ;)

The special thing about this Black in Black edition is, that it is centered around ONE singe piece: my new black sequin body.

I ordered the body a few days ago at the little lable Oh Cherie based in the little German city Koblenz.

I discovered this brand a couple of months ago via Instagram and followed them since then. They are specialized in bridal wear but you can mix and match their pieces also to your daily basics as jeans or shirts. They are very inspiring and bring so much love to detail that I kept following them although I am far away from getting married ;).

They have so cute and sexy pieces like skirts with long placket or lace tops, but also sequin bodies.

Finally, I ordered one of their black sequin bodies for this festive season. They put so much detail not just to their product, but also to their packaging. It is a true pleasure to open it. I can highly recommend this beautiful beautiful detail rich lovely brand.

And you know what ? Best thing about the body really is: you can even match the highly festive sequin body to cool and casual outfits, jeans and boots, likewise to blazer and skirt for business purposes.

I noticed it's an ideal everyday piece, even I wouldn't have thought before trying out with many of things from my existing wardrobe.... But have a look yourself.

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I put together 4 different styles, from casual to business to party.

And this is just a selection to not bore you, there would have been so many more.

Try yourself and have fun with the video, as much as I had hopefully ;) !

black in black


All items were bought myself.


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