7 years ago I fell in love.

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

When I moved to Stuttgart into my very first big apartment, I had the wish to invest in good furniture. Until then, I had a lot of "IKEA". In my very first shared flat in Berlin with my best girlfriends as well as when I moved to Dusseldorf for work after my studies.

So with the move to Stuttgart and a much larger apartment, I wanted more. I wanted something new, precious, extraordinary beautiful.

Shopping through all the different home-centers, made me realize that it is not easy at all to find the right things. Nothing really caught my eye.

Having tried almost every place I possibly could go, I finally found myself in a small and obviously very exclusive furniture store in Stuttgart, called "architare".

And there I saw it. It was all up with me. I fell in love with a beautiful stunning setting in this store: THE perfect eye catching, classy and timeless dining table in combination with a beautiful ceiling light.

The table is called TIX by the Swiss company Mobimex. It has a beautiful natural warm but clean wooden table top with and in contrast to raw steel stringers.

"TIX combines functional and visual aspects at the very highest level. But it exhibits contrasts too: the vertical support structure in aluminum or steel represents precision technology, the solid wood table top, warm, authentic and natural, is carefully selected and crafted. In this way two materials that could hardly be more different are combined to create a dramatic functional entity."

The lamp - to me - is a perfect combination to this simple aesthetic table. Its the Skygarden ceiling light created by FLOS. It was designed by the Dutch designer Marcel Waders who was inspired by the memory of a ceiling stucco in his former apartment in Berlin.

Marcel Waders designed the lamp with two faces: on the outside, this pendant light looks cool and sober due to its smooth frosted antique brown aluminum surface. On the inside, however, it reveals to the viewer the most stunning and detailed stucco relief consisting of flower tendrils and rich ornamentation.

It is not only the combination of modern and romantic design that makes the Skygarden look so particularly appealing. The material combination turns this pendant lamp into an outstanding furnishing object.

So both design pieces individually are rich in contrast, and in turn at the same cohere harmoniously as of their same characteristic.

I tell you, this was the biggest invest I had ever made. It really cost me quite an effort at that time to order the two pieces. But they are just true design classics. Not trendy, but timeless, and thus I was very certain that this would be a life long or at least long lasting relationship - good value. I knew that I would be enjoying this beautiful couple of design classics for decades.

7 years later I am still 100% in love with this dining table and ceiling light. I do still catch myself a couple of times per week thinking about how beautiful they are and how perfectly they fit into my life. So I am sitting here at this table right now, writing this little blog post, feeling so grateful and so much joy looking at this beautiful very unique natural wooden table top illuminated by the light with its extraordinary stucco ornaments. I am sure, they will continue to bring joy to me for a very long time.

To the next 7 years ! ;)

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